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Start making money as a beginner digital creator

The digital creator dashboard that helps you understand, manage and grow your personal brand across multiple social platforms

No credit card required

Ruud's Testimonial
“Maeven's dashboard has changed my life!”

Ruud Niew - Beginner digital creator

“Maeven's dashboard has changed my life!”
Ruud's Testimonial

Ruud Niew

Beginner digital creator

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All social platforms, one digital creator dashboard

Logo's of supported platforms Logo's of supported platforms

Achievable goals, based on your audience and growth

Maeven analyzes your audience across multiple social networks and offers personalized growth plans based on that

Know what you need to do to earn money, and understand your progress towards your first payout. You are closer than you think!

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  • 1. Connect your audience
  • 2. Pick your audience growth plan
  • 3. Plan your commercial growth
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Organize your content across all platforms

Go with a growth plan or follow your own rules

Organize your content - calendar
Organize your content - calendar

Break free of platform lock-in

Whether it’s YouTube, TikTok or Instagram, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Start building your personal brand across all platforms

Your connected platforms

Connected platforms

Get actionable insights

Maeven doesn’t treat social media platforms as separate islands

Understand how different platforms drive traffic to each other, increasing your views, followers and sales

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we assume you’re starting from scratch. No prior knowledge required!

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“Finally a creator dashboard that understands social media platforms aren’t separate islands, but work together for more views, traffic and revenue”
Ruudniew - aspiring YouTuber

Frequently asked questions

If your question isn’t answered below, don’t hesitate to reach out

Do I need an Instagram business account to link my Instagram account?
Maeven can read your profile - no business account required. Scheduling posts is only possible with an IG business account though
What happens when a social media platform does not allow auto posting?
Some platforms make it hard or impossible to post automatically. You can still schedule your posts, but we will send you a reminder to post manually
I need a specific feature that Maeven doesn’t offer yet
Maven is under active development. If you need a feature that Maeven doesn't off yet, feel free to send a feature request our way!
Do I need a credit card to start my trial?
Absolutely not. You can start a free 30 day trial with just your e-mail address.
We are growing our list of successful digital creators. Why not join us? Your first 30 days are on us!
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Story background

Nearly 50% of full-time creators make less than $1K annually

And those digital creators that “make it” often become completely dependent on one platform

We are on a mission to change this, by helping small digital creators make revenue from the get-go, by spreading their odds over multiple platforms

Why don’t you join us and try it out for yourself?

Ruudniew - Founder